Secular Homeschool Blogging – Rebirth of Rebel Homeschool

Hello everyone! Several years ago when this blog was highly active it was easily one of the best secular homeschooling blogs on the internet.

This blog has just recently changed hands.

Older blog posts

penAll of the content you see before this post is the ‘original.’ We love it. It feels like a strong foundation that we can build upon. And its all still so relevant and helpful.

Our Mission, Our Purpose

It would have been an absolute shame to have let this blog fizzle away into the forgotten corners of the internet. So, we’re rebuilding. What’s our goal? Our ‘mission statement?’ To provide forĀ the secular homeschool community and to nurture its growth. We will provide fresh secular content, resources, reviews, poetry, philosophies, and stories.

There is a clear growing trend — more and more families are homeschooling for non-secular reasons. We are a group of such families. This blog will not be a single voice. This blog will be the voice of several homeschoolers. So if you’re an avid blog reader, and you read blogs to invest in the author’s narrative as well as her (or his) content, pay attention to what account the post is coming from. šŸ™‚ Rebel is our community voice.

Maybe this blog will never re-acquire a following. Or, maybe it will. While our goal in service is to provide, we have personal motives as well. Ultimately, blogging is about discipline. Disciplined blogging allows us to look back into the past. Reference resources that we would rather not bookmark. Recall a technique. Journal our progress. Document our work. It is our own little world, a haven of sorts.

Moving Forward

What is our plan moving forward? As we stated a few sentences ago, blogs are an excellent way of documenting what has been done. We’re now going to document what will be done. …we hope.

  • A theme re-design

Right now, we’re using the default WordPress theme. We want to at least spice things up, if not transfer to a new theme

  • Re-categorize

Moving forward, its nice to be organized. There might be some old posts that could me rearranged. And setting up for the future — lets start out organized.

  • Start posting about niche curriculumĀ opportunities

Two of our parents are primarily interested in sharing some alternative ‘curriculum.’

  • Start posting at least 3Ā times per week

With several homeschool parents, this shouldn’t be too hard. Right?

Secular Homeschool Blogs

If you run a secular homeschool blog, reach out to us. We would love to connect and spread the knowledge. There are, of course, some blogs that some of us already follow. Some of us will be actively participating in the comments.

That’s all for today. It feels good to sort of ‘clean the slate’ and get ready to start.

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