Curriculum for 3rd Graders Wanting to Learn About the US States

A useful question recently asked in a Facebook group I frequent. Here are the suggestions: and Where the States Got Their Shapes on Netflix. Not curriculum, but fun ways to learn about the states and their locations.

Teachers pay teachers has some good units. That is my go-to when I can’t find something. I love the Art History I got this year.

We have been using these pages and playing games:

Make sure to check out the Stack the States app!

There’s a 50 states unit in the 9-11 level of Moving Beyond the Page. You can buy just that unit.

We bought a states coloring book that has information about each state also. I can’t remember the name of the book but I found it on Amazon.

We have the stack your states app and the card/board game called scrambled states of America. My almost 7-year-old has learned a few just from a handful of times playing those games.

We used Stack the states too! She loved the challenge of the app and it kept her engaged. No busy work, she didn’t even realize she was learning so much. The retention rate is amazing.

There’s a workbook of close reads from spectrum on each state that I’ve paired with a unit from TPT and biography close reads for both national parks and famous figures in that state. I’m adding tree and bird info and some postcards for writing practice. I’m making a folder for each to do throughout the year as interested.


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