Monday, October 8, 2012

Rebel Homeschool: What We're Doing This Week

It's Columbus Day in the US, but I'm not feeling it. Not up to talking about Columbus, the anti-Columbus movement, aboriginal/native peoples rights, etc. It's not that these things are not important to me or my family. We talk about this stuff (well, not Columbus per say but sovereign rights and issues of discrimination) a  lot. So on to what we're doing this week instead:
Image via Wikimedia Commons


Continuing our tour through music appreciation with some stops in early opera and the Baroque period. More refining of the aria "Caro Mio Ben" from 24 Italian Songs & Arias (Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics). I'm interested to see that it's now packaged with a CD. I can play "Caro Mio Ben" well enough for us to practice to, but we've been using practice karaoke from YouTube instead, for convenience's sake.
Medium High version that my Daughter likes
Low version for me, since I'm an actual alto
I also found an interesting resource called Art Song Central that has a Caro Mio Ben page. I may have to take their advice and look for a more period setting some day, but for now my goal is to work through the Schirmer book with my daughter.


More The Brothers Karamazov. I know that Dostoevsky sounds pretty intense for high school, but I think this is one of the top 10 books of the 19th century. In a decent translation that preserves the humor, it's a novel that you can read many times in your life and get something different from it each time. It's a book of contradictions, bawdy and almost soap opera like, and yet with a powerful underlying spiritual message. Dostoevsky is known for being very grim. If you haven't read Brothers Karamazov, you might be surprised by its humor and its message of forgiveness and the power of love.


The Orionids meteor showers are coming up later this month, around the 20th. We'll be talking about meteors, the Kupier Belt, Oort clouds and related phenomena in preparation, and pray for good weather for the Orionids.

And Other Stuff

We've got Biology, Geography, Spanish, German, Health, Speech, Theater, Calculus, Algebra review, and Physics to cover as usual. Two high school kids on two different schedules equals busy divided by what am I forgetting now to the Fx. And that's homeschool calculus! :-D